What are your shipping times?

Please visit our shipping information here.  

My dog is 100 lbs. Are your leashes strong enough?

Yes! Both our Cotton Rope Leashes and Paracord Leashes can withstand over 500 lbs of pull! 

My dog keeps licking off the paw balm, is that okay?

Yes! Parker & Co. Paw Balm is 100% lick safe, however, you do want the product to absorb into the paws! We recommend giving your pup a treat or bone to distract them for at least 30-60 seconds. If that doesn't work, just give them a big hug for a minute! 

When using the Snout Balm, I noticed that my dogs nose started to flake more. What does that mean?

The Snout Balm has a 3-phase healing process. Once you first apply, your pup's snout will absorb the product and begin the healing process. As your dog's nose is healing, the damaged/dry parts of the nose will begin to flake off. Keep applying the Snout Balm once this happens! The end result once all the flaking is done will be a moisturized and healthy nose!

When should I apply Parker & Co. Paw Balm?

You can apply our Paw Balm whenever you'd like, however, applying at night or when your pup is tired after a long walk proves to be the easiest for application!

Will the paw balm come off on our wood floors or furniture?

As with any paw balm or moisturizer, there is always a bit of residue left over. Our paw balm however is very easily absorbed and only needs about 30-60 seconds to be fully absorbed into the paws. After a minute, you should not see any residue! If you do, you might be applying too much of the balm! To get the best results you do NOT need a lot of product, just a light sweep of the paw balm over the pad's of your dog's paws - do not over apply!

Why can't my dog just use normal sunscreen?

Zinc oxide and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) are ingredients often found in human sunscreens and are TOXIC to dogs. This is why applying an all natural sun protectant on your dog is very important!

Can I use the Snout Screen on other parts of my dog to protect him from the sun?

Of course! You can apply Snout Screen all over your pup. Breeds with short hair often get burnt on their skin. You can apply Snout Screen to all vulnerable areas!